Selling in Spring!


Can you believe it? We’re already approaching October which means now is the best time to sell! The days are longer again, we see the sun more often and people are generally much more positive and happier. Spring is the perfect time to sell and we’re telling you how.

Especially in 2020, many people are questioning their current living situation. Extra space has become more valuable than ever. Spring is a season of new beginnings and new goals and this can be experienced in the real estate market every year. In fact, the end of September and early October are the best times to sell your property. Not only do sales generally happen faster in these times, but they also score you a higher price. People start planning and many set their goal to move to a new home by Christmas or the start of the new school year. It’s the perfect time to put your house on the market.

Before you decide to sell your house, there are three key areas you should focus on to achieve a higher selling price: the garden, exterior and interior of the house.

It’s the first impression that counts

The first impression when people drive or walk past your house is the front garden. Even on pictures, you will see the front of the house first and it can make or break the fascination of the property.

Make sure your fence adds to the first impression you want to leave potential buyers with. Fresh pain can work wonders. Fix it up if it needs it. It might be time consuming work but it will definitely pay off.

Additionally have a look at your front door. Do you have a fly screen in front of it? If so, how does it look? If it looks quite worn out, you might be better off removing the fly screen or replace it with a new one. Remember, it’s the first impression that will count and decide whether a potential buyer wants to see more – and it can also determine the selling price.

You might be stunned by the impact your front garden has on the overall process of getting your house sold. It’s the first thing that people see and that makes them turn around and wanting to get to know more.

Choose light colours to attract the masses

Right after your front yard, the exterior of your house is another key factor you need to consider when selling your house. Clean the gutters, and give the façade a fresh touch if it needs a bit of a modern makeover. We recommend to go for light colours to attract the masses. You don’t want to exclude potential buyers so early by choosing strong statement colours. However, before you choose a colour for your façade, consider your roof colour as well and remember that the colours need to work with each other.

Lastly, you should never say no to pot plants. Especially at the front door they can make a big statement and have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the house. Something as simple and green as rosemary can do the job for you. Make sure the space doesn’t look too crowded though. You should just add enough so the space isn’t bare. If it’s a bigger space to fill and the house has a front deck or porch, consider adding a couple of chairs and create a little holiday feeling. You’ll be surprised how a properly styled entrance will not just change the look and first impression of the whole house, but also sparks interest in what hides behind the walls.

Freshen up your interior

We talked about fresh paint on the façade, but what’s equally important is fresh paint inside. It’s a relatively easy and quick fix to a house when you want to sell, but it will return the investment by miles. Fresh paint on the walls opens up spaces and your potential buyers can imagine themselves moving in without major changes. That’s a big win for you.

We can’t stress enough about removing chips in the wall and architraves. A chip in the wall can ruin your goals of a high selling price so make sure you do everything you can to fix it.

The interior of a house is all about the feeling of being ready to move in. Your buyer needs to walk into the house and have the immediate feeling of it becoming their home.

But not just fresh wall paint can add value to your house, also new carpets are much liked by potential new owners. Consider changing your carpets before selling your property if you have had pets living in the house, or of course simply because the carpets have worn out. There are great options out there to get new carpets at a reasonable price that will make a lasting impression with buyers.

If your house is rather old and features some old lights, consider investing $500-$1,000 to upgrade lighting in key areas such as the kitchen and living room. New lights can add the additional modern and contemporary touch to the house that you are after.

Lastly, but this should really go without saying, spring clean your house – not just because you’re selling in spring but also because you don’t want to greet potential buyers with dusted shelves and a greasy cooktop. And please, don’t forget about cleaning the windows as well. It’s all about leaving buyers with a good impression and a “ready to move in” feeling.

If not now, then when?

As we’ve said before, spring is the perfect time to sell your house. Even more so, when your house has a pool. Potential buyers love the idea of using their new home to its fullest potential as soon as they move in. As a result, if your house has a pool, don’t sell it in winter, buyers won’t understand the full benefit of it as it’s just not as present in their mind. However, if you have a pool and are able to sell in spring, the new owner will be able to enjoy the pool for the full summer season. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t dream to have a pool in the backyard on our 35°C+ days.

If you are ready to sell now, contact us today to get the process started!

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