Mortgage Calculator

Calculate the cost of your home loan repayments

Use our home loan repayment calculator to get an idea of your borrowing power, home loan repayments and upfront costs. You may find our home loan calculator useful when buying a new home, investing in property or simply switching your current mortgage.

One Agency Mildura - Mortgage Calculator
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Stamp Duty Calculator

Get an indication of your upfront costs

Calculate how much Stamp Duty (Land Transfer) and government fees you’ll pay on your property. The stamp duty rate will depend on factors including the value of the property, if its your primary residence and your residency status.

Due Diligence Checklist

Identify any risks or issues before you sign

Before you buy a home or vacant residential land, you should be aware of the range of issues that may affect the property or impose restrictions or obligations on you, if you choose to buy it. Use our simple checklist now.

One Agency Mildura - Due Diligence Checklist
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