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Customer focused property management that provides the best outcome possible for both owners and renters.

Passionate and leaving no stone unturned, we’re focused on providing quality property management to Mildura and the surrounding community.

Representing investors in the Mildura region is not something we take lightly. We all deserve quality housing and it is important that we align ourselves with like-minded property owners and properties.

If you’re looking to take the stress out of managing your investment properties, you will find comfort and confidence in our experienced Property Management team.

Cindy Weller, Lead Property Manager at One Agency Mildura

When looking for someone to manage my rental property, I couldn't have found someone more fitting for the role than Cindy Weller. She was quick to find fantastic tenants for my home and has provided me with all of the support I have needed while going through this process. I can't fault the service I have been provided from Cindy and One Agency Mildura.

Customer-focused property management, get the most out of your rental property with the One Agency Mildura Property Management team

We take a strategic and holistic approach towards your goals

We take a holistic approach when it comes to your investment. Understanding your objectives, position and desired outcomes allows us to assist with information beyond the leasing and tenancy investment space. Our experienced Property Management team ensure that all our clients are exposed to all options available, which is what gives our clients the competitive edge when we represent their property in the Mildura and broader Sunraysia community.

Our Fees & Services

All it takes is one phone call to change over your Property Management. 
If you are looking for a change or have become dissatisfied with the level of management your investment properties are receiving, we would love to help you. It is a common myth that it costs money to change agencies, but this is not true. 
At One Agency we have developed integrated systems and technology, sure to make your renting experience as pleasant and simple as possible.

Transition is simple, and we would love the opportunity to provide you with a better, more fulfilling service, with NO ADMIN FEES! 

Allow a member of our team to provide you with insight on your property pricing

Things to consider when your leasing your property

Preparing your property for the rental market can be a process, here are four things you need to know when leasing your property


Know your properties value

Market knowledge, occupant trends, seasons, and your competition is what you will be considering when you are looking to know your rental potential. 

Executing your marketing and presenting your home to the market with a competitive edge is where our Property Management team comes together to explore all avenues, leaving no stone unturned.

There's only ONE way to lease your property with confidence, and that's ONE AGENCY MILDURA


Know your property manager

Where does the buck stop? Who is actually representing you and your investment? With average property prices circulating around the $400,000 mark it really is important to know who has they keys to your investment. 

It is when a fork in the road comes along that you need to ensure your trusted property manager has the skills and resources required to gather all of the information they need to ensure all parties are best protected.

One Agency Mildura Property Management - Speak to an experienced leasing agent to take advantage of our team and resources


Know your investment strategy

What is your why? What are you hoping to achieve from having an investment property and how can our team help you achieve your property portfolio goals?

Providing transparency and clear communication on your strategy behind an investment allows our investment management team to assist you and your property goals. Seeing you succeed is our mission and the driving force for our property management team.

Mildura's Best Property Management team


Know your timeline

How long will it take to execute effectively? Money is time and time is money, so it’s important to know how we can help you achieve your goals, within your timeline.

In communicating the timeline upfront our Property Management team can assist you with getting the required trades and support you need to present your property to the rental market, ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your property.  

Each property and property owner has a different timeline. If you’re not sure what exactly needs to be done to get your property ready for leasing, book a consult with one of our experienced Property Managers today.

Property Management Mildura - One Agency Mildura - Cindy Weller

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