How to market your property online.


Letting people know your house is for sale is a critical step in the selling process. It may sound obvious, but the more people who know about your property, the more likely you are to have multiple interested parties, leading to competition for your property, and potentially a run-away sales result. 

In a market where Mildura has experienced an 11.1% median price rise over the past 12 months, having multiple interested parties is critical.  Luckily, we now live in a time where there are more and more ways to reach many potential buyers. Social media and digital marketing have the ability to reach your potential buyers effectively and with minimal cost outlay. 

If you are considering to sell, ensure your agent is on social media themselves, and knows how to effectively market your property.  Let’s take a look at how our agency effectively markets a property on social media. 

How do we use social media to better market your property?

As we’ve highlighted before, presentation and styling is key to getting the best outcome for your property. But once you have an impeccably presented and styled home, with incredible photography, how do you reach buyers?

Our agency has been leveraging social media for many years when selling vendors’ homes. Specifically, we utilise,, our Instagram account and most importantly our Facebook account.

By leveraging social media we can highlight the unique personality of a property through video and turn potential buyers into raving fans – even before they’ve stepped through the door! As always, removing buyer objections and having high-quality photography is key to establishing that initial emotional connection with buyers.

Remember, the more reach your post receives, the higher the engagement, and the higher the number of people seeing it. It’s not a ‘simple blast’ and hope for the best. When we post an upcoming listing on our Facebook page, we can specifically target key demographics (such as age, gender, interests) – and most importantly location – the actual specific postcodes where we believe the right buyers will be. 

In addition, we have many buyers – who have previously missed out on securing a property – following and engaging with our Facebook account. As soon as we list a property, our loyal followers and committed buyers, are viewing, tagging, sharing and commenting on the post – further enhancing the reach the post can achieve. We even have neighbours of the property being sold helping to expand the post’s reach!

Potential buyers who view the post, will be able to quickly check the location, assess if the location matches with their lifestyle requirements, and can then continue to view the floorplan, photography and video content.

As highlighted by Shonah recently, 99% of all millennials and 90% of baby boomers, are utilising social media when searching for their next property.  From a buyer’s perspective, they are able to directly message and contact the agent on their own terms.  Buyers can access the Section 32, Contract of Sale, and communicate with the agent directly.  This is so much more powerful than traditional print media. 

However, most importantly on social media, committed and motivated buyers can see their potential competition. With real-time visibility, they can see other committed buyers liking, commenting, tagging friends and sharing the post – further increasing their emotional connection with the home, and heightening their fear-of-missing-out too.

In fact, our agency is so committed to achieving incredible results utilising social media, that we have been successful in selling properties for run-away results, that previously could not sell with other agents – who were not utilising social media. 

Always seek advice from a trusted professional.

Always speak with trusted professionals who can provide you with an unbiased opinion and provide value-added insight. Our agency are experts in leveraging social media in order to achieve strong engagement and run-away sales results. 

Do you know the current market value of your property? With the market having moved significantly in the past 6 months, you may be delighted to know how much your area has appreciated.  

With One Agency being one of Mildura’s most trusted real estate agencies, we are well placed to provide you with our view of the current market, based on our local experience.  If you are considering to sell, we’ll thoroughly guide you through the sales and presentation process, and help you take advantage of this incredible time in the market.