How to ensure your property stands out from the competition.


With demand for property continuing to outstrip supply, many venders are looking to take advantage of the current market momentum. Preparing a home for sale can be a long and daunting process – after all, you want to present your most valuable asset in the best light possible and achieve a run-away result.  

But with more supply expected to hit the market in the coming weeks, how do you ensure your property stands out from the competition? Let’s delve into what simple strategies you can execute to ensure your home stands out from the rest, and thereby maximises your chances of achieving a strong result.

Ensuring your home is unique and stands out from the competition.

Over the past 6 months, our agency has sold over 60 properties. The homes which achieved incredible results had a few consistent elements: they were effectively presented, meticulously tidy and clean, and styled to sell with key buyer groups in mind. 

It’s important to identify who your buying groups could potentially be – and then present the property to appeal to them.  Is it first home buyers, young couples, established families, or downsizers?

Speak with a trusted real estate agent who can help. If you are finding it difficult to know where to start, connect with Mark who can help with information on which buyer groups to target. 

Then, it’s important to focus on cosmetic changes and styling – to appeal to these buyer groups. We are seeing buyers strongly compete for well-presented ‘ready to move in’ properties; keen to start enjoying their new home and lifestyle. 

The correct presentation combined with the right atmosphere will set the scene for the home feeling “just right”, and for buyers to connect emotionally with the property. 

Where to best focus your cosmetic changes and styling efforts. 

Presentation and removing buyer objections is key to achieving a strong sales result. There are many things you can do to get your presentation and styling right. While major works may not be within everyone’s budget, minor cosmetic changes can make a significant difference. 

Ensure anything a buyer can see is spotless and presented well. This includes paint, floor coverings, windows and window coverings, light fittings, architraves and skirting boards. 

We recently visited a home with Shonah that is due to hit the Mildura market very soon. The vendors have done an incredible job and are set to do well. Not only was their cosmetic renovation completed to a very high standard, their styling has been executed to appeal to several buying groups – young couples, established families and downsizers. 

Their strategy was to get the basics done well, and allow the new owner to add their personal touches and preferences on top. The vendors had a very good idea about their renovation plan, and regularly consulted Shonah and our agency – to ensure they were only improving the elements that potential buyers would see, and actually care about. 

This included changing the front entry door to give the home fresh street appeal; laying contemporary new hardwood flooring, introducing a light, neat and simple kitchen, installing modern pendant lighting and changing over the carpet. 

In addition, the vendors introduced modern roller blinds to all windows– providing function, and allowing the new buyer to add their preferred window furnishings on top. 

To modernise the home even further, the vendors squared off dated archways, and installed split systems in each bedroom to ensure a comfortable atmosphere. 

We often say that gardens, especially backyards, matter significantly to buyers. While the vendors didn’t transform the entire rear garden, they did install distinct garden beds throughout, laid new premium grass, and completed a thorough clean-up – now the outdoors are almost as inviting as the indoors!

But what really set these vendors apart, was their dedicated focus – renovating and styling for a specific buyer group. Throughout the process, they consulted regularly with Shonah to ensure no mistakes were made, and that their vision was always on track. Stay tuned, because this property will be hitting the market very soon!

Seek advice from a trusted professional – always.

Always speak with professionals who can provide you with an unbiased opinion and provide value-added insight. 

If you are finding it difficult to know where to start, speak with One Agency Mildura who can help with information on what buyers may notice about your property. Often the ‘to-do’ list may seem overwhelming but speaking with a local professionals can set your mind at ease.

Furthermore, do you know the current market value of your property? With the market having moved significantly in the past 6 months, you may be delighted to know how much your area has appreciated. Even if you are not considering to sell this year, a conversation with our agents will help you maximise your sales price when you are ready to sell.

With One Agency Mildura being one of Mildura’s most trusted real estate agency’s, they are well placed to provide you with their view of the current market based on his local experience.