Mark Thornton

Why 2022 is the right Year to invest in property and how best to be prepared

With the official cash rate at an all-time low, it is an incredible time to be in the market to purchase a home or investment property. With Victoria’s lockdown restrictions finally easing and additional supply coming onto the market, buying conditions for first home buyers, upgraders and investors continue to improve each week.  2022 is…Read More→

What to expect from the Melbourne property market 2022

Despite all the challenges and frustrations COVID-19 and lockdowns have thrown at Victorian’s, the Regional Victoria and Melbourne property markets have experienced a once in a generation boom in property prices.  Over the past 12-months, we have seen Melbourne house prices rise by over 15.1%.  However, the momentum in price growth is starting to show…Read More→

Ultimate guide to building a new home

Building a new home is a very exciting process and allows you to create a home that is ideally suited to your family’s lifestyle. You’re able to select from many home designs and tailer a design to your exact needs and specifications.   However, designing and building a new home is a significant undertaking, and it…Read More→

How to market your property online.

Letting people know your house is for sale is a critical step in the selling process. It may sound obvious, but the more people who know about your property, the more likely you are to have multiple interested parties, leading to competition for your property, and potentially a run-away sales result.  In a market where…Read More→

How to buy in a booming regional market

The Regional Victoria and Mildura property markets continue to be some of the strongest markets within Victoria. Pent-up demand from motivated buyers, is continuing to outstrip local supply. While, it is evidently still a competitive seller’s market, we are seeing some signs of price growth cooling, however many buyers continue to miss out each week…Read More→

How much does it cost to sell a house?

Selling a home, particularly a family home, is a very emotional and exciting time. There are many reasons why people choose to sell, ranging from getting a new job and having to move, to just wanting a change of scenery – such as a sea-change or tree-change – or simply requiring more internal and external…Read More→